The slow lane

The Slow Lane is not a place, it's not a line on the road, and it's not a transportation thoroughfare either. To us, the slow lane is a concept that embodies our dream. Travel is a huge part of our lives: we met while traveling, our relationship developed through travel and we both love traveling. To date, we've reached our destinations on planes, logging thousands of frequent flier miles.

For the next year, we're downshifting and simplifying as we reach our destinations through the power of our own two legs. Traveling by bicycle, we'll move slowly across Europe, Asia and into SE Asia; following the trail of Old Silk Road traders at times and blazing our own trail at other times. We invite you to journey along with us. On this website we will post the best stories (Travel Journal), upload our favorite photographs (Photos), and track some of the nitty-gritty technical details of our trip (Tech Log). We’ll try to update the site every few weeks, so check back from time to time to see what’s new.

Sheri & Mario

Last updated:
June 29, 2010 

 Place at that time:
Aachen, Germany

 Content added/updated:
Stories Philippines, Photos Philippines

 Heading towards:
Lampang, Thailand

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